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APR. 3 1974


Esperanto, en eleven-piece international congregation, is the brainchild of Raymond Vincent, 28-year-old Belgian violinist with extensive experience in both classical and popular music. Because of the broad range of musical backgrounds among its members, Esperanto is equally at ease with serious and popular idioms, but the group chooses to make a kind of music that is separate from both disciplines, although containing elements of each.

The group's second album, Danse Macabre, contains a series of striking musical tone poems drawing upon and consolidating a variety of idioms, including elements of Stockhausen-like electronics, hard rock, and romantic classical music. The little track is a rearrangement of a Saint Saens piece; the other six tracks are originals. On the new album, Esperanto is strengthened by the addition of two Englishmen: former solo artist Keith Christmas on lead vocals, and violinist Godfrey Salmon, who also contribute tenor vocals. The album was produced by Peter Sinfield, renowned in progressive-rock circles for his work with King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and PFM.

Vincent, who conceived and founded Esperanto, is a former child prodigy violinist who was both principal violinist for the Belgian Symphony Orchestra and the leader of the highly regarded European rock group the Wallace Collection. That Vincent disbanded the popular Wallace Collection in order to begin work on Esperanto attests to the depth of his commitment to the aims of his current musically advanced group.

Danse Macabre is a natural evolution of the music on the group's debut album on A&M, Esperanto Rock Orchestra.


RAYMOND VINCENT (Belgian): first violin and chief arranger.
BRUNO LIBERT (Belgian): keyboards, ARP Odyssey, vibes, backing vocals, arranger.
TONY MALISAN (Italian): drums. (Note: MALISON is written in the press kit)
GINO MALISAN (Italian): bass. (Note: MALISON is written in the press kit)
KEITH CHRISTMAS (English): lead vocals.
GODFREY SALMON (English): second violin, tenor voice.
TONY HARRIS (English): viola.
TIMOTHY KRAEMER (English): cello.

Fringe members

GLENN SHORROCK (English/Australian): lyrics, backing vocals, ideas.
BRIAN HOLLOWAY (English/Australian): featured guitarist on three tracks.
BRIGETTE DU DOIT (Hawaiian): vocal on "The Duel". (Note: BRIDGET LOKELANI DUDOIT is more probably the correct name).


some signatures: Bruno Libert, Godfrey Salmon, Timothy Kraemer


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