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Track List

  mp3 extract lyrics music & lyrics
  Side 1
  1 Eleanor Rigby 7:43 mp3 extract Lyrics Lennon - Mc Cartney
  2 Still Life 7:27 mp3 extract Lyrics Vincent - Meakin
  3 Painted Lady 3:26 mp3 extract Lyrics Vincent - Meakin
  Side 2
  4 Obsession 4:33 mp3 extract Lyrics Vincent - Meakin
  5 The Rape 12:07 mp3 extract Lyrics Vincent - Daniels
  6 Last Tango 3:29 mp3 extract Lyrics Vincent - Libert - Meakin
bonus tracks on Si-Wan CD:
  7 In Search Of A Dream 4:45 mp3 extract Lyrics Yates
  8 Busy Doing Nothing 3:44 mp3 extract Vincent - Shorrock

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Release Information

A&M Records, UK, LP, AMLS 68294 (1975)

A&M Records, USA, LP, SP-4524 (SP-4785 - SP-4786) (1975)
A promotional copy has also been released (same catalogue number)

A&M Records, Canada, LP, SP-4524 (SP-4785 - SP-4786) (1975)

A&M Records, Holland, LP, AMLH 68294 (1975)

A&M Records distributed by KING Records, Japan,  LP, GP-234 (SALBT-915 - SALBT-916) (1975), lyrics on a separate double sheet inside.
A promotional copy has also been released (same catalogue number)

A&M Records, Germany, LP, AMLS 68295 (1975) -

A&M Records, Brazil, LP, SA&MX 2145  (SP-4785 - SP-4786) (1975)

A&M Records, Mexico, LP, AMLS 48,053 (1975) - all track's titles are translated in spanish: Eleanor Rigby, Vida Aun, Dama Pintada, Obsesion, El Rapto, Ultimo Tango

Ultimo Tango, A&M Records, Argentina, LP, 8141 (SP4785 - SP4786) (1975), title of the LP and all track's titles are translated in spanish: Eleanor Rigby, Aun Vida, Dama Pintarrajeada, Obsesion, La Violacion, Ultimo Tango

Last Tango/Obsession, A&M Records, UK, 7", AMS 7154 (1975).
A promotional copy has also been released the 28th February 1975 (same catalogue number)

Last Tango/Obsession, A&M Records Nederland, 7", 13 957 AT (1975)

Last Tango/Obsession, A&M Records, Portugal, 7", 8E 006 96722 M (1975)

Last Tango/Painted Lady, A&M Records distributed by King Records, Japan, 7", AM-244 (SAST 533 - SAST 534) (1975), lyrics and original front cover on a separate sheet inside.
A promotional copy has also been released (same catalogue number)

Last Tango/Obsession, A&M Records, 7", AMS 7291 (1977) (should  be confirmed, anyone own it?) -

Pony Canyon Inc, Japan, CD, PCCY-10178 (1991)

Si-Wan Records, Korea, CD, SRMC 5015 (October 2001) gatefold paper sleeve, booklet with photos and the story of Esperanto (English, French and Korean version) written by Gilles Arend from Prog-résiste and 2 bonus tracks: "In Search Of A Dream" and "Busy Doing Nothing" extracted from an unreleased acetate produced just before Danse Macabre
A promotional copy has also been released (same catalogue number)

Si-Wan Records, Korea, sampler CD 2002. First song is Last Tango. The other songs are Trubrot: Rain, Kayak: Ruthless Queen, Lena Platonos & Savina Yiannatou: Tahidromos Pethane, Los Brincos: Esa Mujer, Tabula Rasa: Rakastaa, Savage Rose: Nattergalen Fra Kosova, The Enid: The Lovers, Loudest: Pied Piper, Pihasoittajat: Kehtolaulu, Lanvall: Blue, Klaatu: December Dream, Spirogyra: Burn the Bridges, Mocedades: Eres Tu, Albatros: Africa and 2 songs from 2 Korean groups

Universal Music, Japan, CD, UICY-9265 (May 2003), Rock Legend series, miniature LP paper sleeve, 24 bit remaster, no bonus track.
A promotional copy has also been released (same catalogue number).

Second Harvest, USA, Second Harvest 453 (2008), Two Originals: Danse Macabre and Last Tango on one CD


picture inside the gatefold of the Si-Wan CD release
left to right: Roger Meakin, Timothy Kraemer and Bruno Libert
Not Rolling but Standing along Rue de la Paix !


Tony Malisan: Drums
Gino Malisan: Bass
Bruno Libert: Keyboards
Roger Meakin: Vocals
Kim Moore: Vocals
Raymond Vincent: 1st Violin
Godfrey Salmon: 2nd Violin
Timothy Kraemer: Cello

Other information

Produced & Engineered by Robin Geoffrey Cable
Recorded at Hérouville & Ramport Studios, London
Mixed at AIR, London
Assistant Engineers: Mike Stavrou & Will Reid Dick
Art direction: Fabio Nicoli
Photography: Paul Wakefield
Design: Nick Marshall


Man In Search Of A Dream is in fact the correct title for the song published under the name In Search Of A Dream.

Spanish and French version of Last Tango

Ultimo Tango is the title of the Argentinian release of the Esperanto's LP.
All track's titles are also translated in spanish: Still Life > Aun Vida, Painted Lady > Dama Pintarrajeada, Obsession > Obsesion, The Rape > La Violacion, Last Tango > Ultimo Tango

The music of Last Tango has been sang by Sylvie Vartan with french lyrics : La Drôle de Fin (Lyricsmp3 extract). The adptation has been done by Jean-Michel Rivat and released by Jacques Revaux at RCA in 1975, record number: RCA 42026; 2 versions of the cover has been made, the so-called blue and red ones.

There is also an English-language translation of the French lyrics "La Drôle de Fin" sung by Sylvie Vartan.
A modified English version was performed on The Benny Hill Show on March 12, 1986 by Louise English and Hill's Angels.
Their version can be found on the A&E DVD set, Complete & Unadulterated: The Hill's Angels Years - Set 6: 1986-1989. More information are also available on the Louise English Fan Centre.

There is also a Spanish version sang by Sylvie Vartan released by RCA in 1976, record number SPBO 9349: El tango aquel (Lyrics mp3 extract).



From The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock and Related Music
Last Tango
is excellent. It opens with a particularly murderous version of "Eleanor Rigby." Purists, who want covers to stay near the original, will simply die, while those looking for original interpretation will be slayed! =8) Except for a brief statement of the theme, which is buried in the complexity, you won't positively recognize the song until the lyrics start. Excellent. Esperanto have the usual drums, bass, keyboards, and male and female vocals, but also use two violins and a cello. ELO? No way. These guys are fairly complex (but we're not talking UZ or Art Zoyd) and build good intensity. How to describe? Not easy, really. Strong string presence obviously. Kinda classical, kinda fusiony, kinda proggy, pretty unique. Six songs, three per side. Three of these are longer (7-12 minutes) and three shorter (3-4 minutes). The shorter songs are kinda "singlish" and coulda been heard on the radio in the mid-'70s. That's not to imply they are bad songs, but the longer cuts are much better developed. I'm doing a hack job here. Oh well. Good stuff...
..On Last Tango the band is reduced to eight members and the music is a lot better and more progressive than on Rock orchestra. There is some killer stuff on Last Tango. --
Andre Hagberg


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