I met a few Esperanto members since the beginning of this website:


The 12th July 2001 we met Bruno Libert in Bruxelles

from left to right: my friend Pierre von Ballmoos, Diane Sutherland (Bruno's girl friend), me, Glenn Vincent (son of Raymond Vincent, Bruno Libert, Dominique Wacker (my wife).
Thanks to Magali von Ballmoos who takes the picture


The 4th July 2004 I met Gino Malisan in his discotheque: Le Bar-Disc Windsor, 15 rue Melsens in Bruxelles

Gino at the bar

Gino with the CD Japonida done by Tomomi Hida & Gino Malisan in 2004

Gino and me

The 8th May 2005 we met Timothy Kraemer at "The Flask" in Highgate, London

Timothy at the Flask

Me and Timothy speaking about photography

 My friends Pierre (Pierrot) and Marianne Rochat and my wife Dominique waiting patiently with some beers. Photo byTimothy

Me and Timothy with the photos he made with Esperanto. This and next photos by Pierre Rochat.

End of the afternoon. Marianne Rochat, my wife Dominique, me and Timothy

The 27th November 2005 I met Godfrey Salmon in the Pub World's End in Camden Town, London.

After the meeting I walk through Camden Town till the Roundhouse, where Esperanto first performed live.

Godfrey Salmon and me


The 26th January 2006 we met Bruno Libert and Glenn Vincent at Bruno's home and then we went to the restaurant La Canne en Ville.

Bruno in his home studio

Glenn Vincent, Bruno Libert an Claude Wacker behind

Bruno and the unreleased acetate

Marianne, Claude, Bruno, Dominique, Deborah, Jennifer, Glenn, Diane and Jean at La Canne en Ville.

The 30th November 2007 Bruno Libert, Diane Sutherland and Glenn Vincent play "Space Night" at the Corrège in Bruxelles

more pics from Space Night here

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