These are photos with Bones: Bridgette Lokelani, Janice Slater & Joy Yates
This isn't with Esperanto...but they are publicity shot for 'Bones'...the name we three gals
gave ourselves when we were working as backup singers...


Cliff Richard & Bones at BBC TV


On tour with Cliff Richard & Olivia Newton John


With house keeping ladies in the hotel we were staying in Liverpool
they were called 'Char Ladies' and if I'm correct the man was Cliff's 'driver'

With Terry Britten, he was also the guitarist with Glenn Shorrock in The Twilights. 
He's now a very successful songwriter

with a musician of the horn section

Young Olivia Newton John with an English comedian, his wife and daughter

Perth Scotland

North London

Dave Mac Rae, Joy's husband and piano player, Chelsea

Terry Blackwood and Armond Morales from The Imperials with Bridgette Lokelani


Janice Slater  & Claude Wacker - 2001-2014