Glenn Shorrock, Raymond Vincent and Godfrey Salmon

Janice Slater, Bridget Lokelani Dudoit, Joy Yates, 
Raymond Vincent, Tony Malisan, Godfrey Salmon, Gino Malisan


Card (5" x 3") from the Panini-Modena serie Picture Pop '73. 
The card was printed in Italy for sale in the UK under the 
Top Sellers brand name. This is card No.79 with Janice Slater, 
Joy Yates, Tony Malisan, Bridget Lokelani Dudoit,  Glenn Shorrock, 
Godfrey Salmon, Raymond Vincent,  Gino Malisan and Timothy Kraemer

Back of the Panini card


Janice Slater, Joy Yates, Glenn Shorrock and Bridget Lokelani Dudoit
photo by Michael Hasted

Janice Slater, Joy Yates, Glenn Shorrock, 
Bridget Lokelani Dudoit and Tony Harris
photo by Michael Hasted

Bruno Libert, Janice Slater, Joy Yates, Tony Malisan, 
Bridget Lokelani Dudoit, Raymond Vincent, Godfrey Salmon
photo by Michael Putland

Raymond Vincent
photo by Michael Putland


Bruno Libert


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