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A promotional single produced for the opening of the shop Drugpost in Bruxelles.

There is no easy way to find Raymond Vincent on this single. Perhaps he just wrote the music and lyrics?

The label state that Drugpost is played by Queen Elizabeth Chapel and Silveer's Trust Associated. Silveer's Trust is a well known name by the The Wallace Collection fans. Sylvain Vanholme was the founder of Sylver's Trust or Silver's Trust. So this a new way to write the name of his band. A careful listening of Drugpost shows that Sylvain Vanholme is the singer.

Track List

side A
  Bruxelles by Jacques Brel 3:00
side 2
  Drugpost by Raymond Vincent 3:30 mp3 extract


side B  

Release Information

Drugpost, 7'', BIEM YR-DP3 (197?), marketing by Young & Rubicam with collaboration of Barclay record


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