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OCT. 1 1973


Do you speak Esperanto? Probably not. It is an international language designed to bring people together of all nations in mutual understanding. It's also an accurate concept when applied to a new rock orchestra of the same name. A group of twelve musicians brought together by a mutual musical understanding.

Esperanto includes a four-piece string section which plays an integral part of the overall sound, and some fine lady vocalists also featured very much in the forefront.

Amongst the twelve musicians, seven of them have received formal classical training while the others were out on the road, benefiting from practical experience. Naturally, a classical influence is present, but essentially it's a rock-oriented outfit, reinforced by strong harmonies and a string section that complements the overall sound.

Although Esperanto is very much a collective creation, it was Raymond Vincent who was the creative genius. At 27 he already has a glittering musical career behind him. A child violin prodigy, in the last few years he was both principal violinist of the Belgian Symphony Orchestra and the leader of the highly reputed Belgian rock group "The Wallace Collection". It is he who developed an original 'rock orchestra' concept for this band, and is the group's main arranger.

The other members all have an individual contribution to offer. All are experienced musicians with credits ranging from pop session to symphony orchestras. All in all, it is unique album simply entitled "Esperanto" and now available on A&M Records.

You might not be able to speak Esperanto, but after hearing the album you'll understand musically what it means ...


BRIDGET LOKELANI DUDOIT: (Hawaiian) Vocals, Acoustic Guitar. Has been singing with top session gigs and television in Britain and in the States.

GLENN SHORROCK: (English/Australian) Vocals, Guitar. Ten years experience in the pop/rock world wih successful singles.

JANICE SLATER: (Australian) Vocals. Many faceted singer who was twice voted top Australian female vocalist.

BRUNO LIBERT: (Belgian) Keyboards. Classically trained pianist. Spent three years in the continental recording scene.

TONY MALISAN: (Italian/Belgian) Drums. Conservatorium-trained since the age of eight.

GINO MALISAN: (Italian/Belgian) Bass, Flute. Conservatorium-trained from an early age.

RAYMOND VINCENT: (Belgian) 1st Violin. Belgian Symphony Orchestra. Leader of the "Wallace-Collection".

TONY HARRIS: (English) Viola, Sax. An experienced session musician. Has also done numerous tours with the Menuhin Chamber Orchestra.

JOY YATES: (New Zealander) Vocals, Flute. Has sung professionally throughout the world.

BRIAN HOLLOWAY: (English/Australian) Guitar, Piano. A budding arranger who has played with top Australian groups in the past.

TIMOTHY KRAEMER: (English) Cello, Piano. Has worked for many years in the classical and recording world.

some signatures: Bruno Libert, Gino Malisan, Timothy Kraemer, Godfrey Salmon


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